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Love GOD with your WHOLE heart & live, really live.

Our desire is to be a church ...

Whose people are devoted, fully focused on Jesus and whose hearts are consumed by an unquenchable passion for Him & His Kingdom purposes on the earth.

So strategic in building a heritage of faith, that the generations to come will go further, grow stronger & impact greater; where one generations ceiling becomes the next generations floor.

Where families are healthy & strong, where each member is working together in unity, bringing the grace of God in all its fullness in and over the community that it passionately serves.

Where its people's only law is a walk of love. A walk that is deliberate, expansive and innovative in reaching into every area of society.

Full of the love of Christ & His Salvation; where shackles are broken, bondages are removed & victory is experienced; where the truth, power & freedom of God invades into people’s everyday.

Whose very atmosphere is full of heartfelt thanksgiving and praise that prepares the way for miracles and expectation of God’s power; where extravagant worship is continually poured out in gratitude to our God; where supernatural living is embraced as the normal way of life.

Whose hope is fuelled by the understanding of the goodness of God and a trust in the promises of God; a knowing that He has saved us, called us & purposed us for such a time as this.

That recognises prayer as the essential dynamic for the power of God to be released into all we do.

Where its culture is one of generosity; where seed that is sown produces a strong foundation preparing the way for Jesus to change lives.

Where Jesus is the centre; where the Father is glorified and where the Holy Spirit is welcomed; where hearts are set on fire, ready to prepare the way for the coming King.

Where our collective hearts become one & our journey together is unmissable.

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