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Associated Christian Ministries

"Helping everyone to more effectively do what God has called them to do."

We are a network of churches and ministers with a vision to do all we can to fulfill the Great Commission in our nation and beyond. ACM is a Christian denomination registered with the Australia government and with biblical core values and beliefs.

At LIVEfree Church we want to deliberately and passionately position ourselves together for the season ahead. More than anything we want His presence to fall and His anointing to be in and over us as a collective - over our families, over one another and over everything that the future holds. 

​We are in a new season full of life and the expectation is to see abundantly more of God. There is an excitement and joy to be found here and we long to have you join us to be part of the big plans God has for us here. 

​God is always doing more in the unseen that we can ever imagine. God is alive and moving forward in the plans He has for each one of us. 

Safe Ministry Training

Safe Ministry Training is run by the Professional Standards Unit of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney (PSU).
The PSU is charged with developing and facilitating training in Safe Ministry practice and policy for all paid pastoral staff and volunteers working with children and other vulnerable people in the Anglican church, affiliated ministries and other church bodies. 

LIVEfree Church pastors, leaders and volunteers participated in this training March-2017.

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