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We have a beautiful team who combine their passion for caring for the next generation and teaching them about God to create an interesting and captivating atmosphere each Sunday.   



SUNDAYS 9.30 – 11AM


Fun, Friends and Faith! NEXT GENERATION exists to help kids of all ages connect with God on a Sunday morning and allow the mums and dads to connect with Jesus in main stream church. NEXT GENERATION is full of songs, games, quizzes, drama and sharing ideas. It’s a fun, active time to learn from the Bible and apply that knowledge to everyday living. There is also a crèche for 1 - 5 year olds where they learn the importance of loving coming to church, interaction and learn how JESUS LOVES THEM.

All groups for under 18 years at LIVEfree CHURCH use age appropriate activities and all leaders and volunteers are screened, trained, and have a working with children check clearance. We are part of the safe church program.

"As a church we VALUE and uphold every child’s right to feel SAFE and RESPECTED. 

We as a COMMUNITY believe that each child DESERVES the RIGHT to be shown LOVE, CARE and

CONCERN; and to be nurtured in an ENVIRONMENT that we as a church are continually PURPOSEFUL in improving."

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