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A decision to follow Jesus is such a fantastic platform for growth in a person's life. You have experienced His forgiveness and the Holy Spirit in you is there to guide and protect you as you grow in faith.

Jesus wants you to flourish in love and in your trust of Him in your everyday life.

This journey of faith has just begun and we would love the opportunity to help you grow and understand more fully the life that Jesus has for you and how He wants freedom in every area of your life. 

The journey begins helps ground you in the basics of your Christian faith and helps you to understand how much God has for you! 

This course is not just for new Christians, but those who feel like they would like to refresh the basics of faith in order to share it or just to brush up on things you might have forgotten.

This course is run in a CONNECT GROUP format - so great place to meet new friends!


Register your interest at 

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