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Pastoral care is about listening, supporting and encouraging. It is the practice of looking after the personal and social wellbeing of our church and community.


Pastoral care is the ministry of care and counselling provided by pastors, chaplains and other leaders to members of their church or congregation. ​Which can include home and hospital visits, counselling, advocacy, mentoring and support through grief and loss. 

If you need any support during a difficult time, please contact the church on (02) 4952 1277 or by email.


A place where we can work through a process to enable a peaceful and amicable way forward to live in harmony with each other. To bring resolve to difficult or tricky situations without the emotion of a situation getting in the way and reach a resolution together. A place where we value each other and are prepared to work at relationships - inside the church, in our personal homes and within a community setting. If you're needing peaceful mediation and conflict resolution, please contact Ps Mat who will organise the right person to help this process to begin. 



The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems, and to bring support to and be able to speak of those who can’t speak for themselves.

Below is a document detailing a list of external services providers who can assist you in your time of need.


A relationship that exists to cheer and support another in life, relationships, marriage, finding work, working through difficult situations. If you're interested in having a mentor and being coached, please contact Ps Mat who will organise a person who would be suitable.

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