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At LIVEfree church we want to be able to embrace the pastoral care for people in a real and personal way. We know that times life can be hard and, at times, we can have lots happening. It can be so easy in a community of people to feel alone, even though we are together. 

Our pastoral care team is made up of people who are really passionate about:

  • Caring for people in a practical way with food, companionship support;

  • Praying for people in the midst of the storm or hard time;

  • Listening ear and voice of encouragement;

  • Supporting people in a Spiritual way with the wisdom found in scripture; and 

  • Wisdom of the Spirit in a prophetic word. 

Our team is made up of everyday people; men and women who have been through hard times themselves. They are mums and dads, grandmas, aunties, uncles, wives, husbands, singles, professionals and lay people. All who love Jesus and are daily walking with Him. All who are wanting to support others as they journey through life.

We know that each person in our church family walk with others in our community, through the ups and downs of life, shining the light of Jesus; and our Pastoral Care Team would love the opportunity to support you in this. 


Please contact us through our new referral page to request care for your neighbour, a friend or a family member. 

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